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Chaosc – A DIY noisy ‘synth’

I just finished a new noisy instrument, combining a voltage-starved distortion pedal and a function generator. Read more about it hereimage

New project – Arduino audio-sampler

I’ve started building an audio-sampler in stompbox-format. The basic idea is to be able to easily play audio-samples on-stage.

Check out the project-page here. There’s not too much information there at the moment, but I’ll update shortly.

G1176LN finished!

At last my compressor unit is finished! The knobs are in place, and the resistor in series with the VU meter lamp is mounted. The only thing left is whether I want to engrave the front plate, but I’ll try to use it for a period and figure out whether it’s worth it. After all, I have to dismount all the pots, switches and the VU meter, let alone the engraving-process itself (which I have never done before). We’ll see.

G1176LN Front

G1176LN test

I calibrated the G1176LN unit yesterday night and performed my first function test, compressing some tracks in Cubase.
It works REALLY well, especially with some tracks with accoustic guitar we recorded with my band recently 😀

What remains is to mount the PCB and toroid transforme. I’m also waiting for a power resistor and replacement lamp for the VU-meter. I managed to f**k up and not take in consideration that the VU Lamp output on the PCB puts out ~35VDC and not 12V the lamp is rated for… oh well, you learn as you go…

My first test of the unit after calibration

G1176LN Update

I’m getting there… got the 19″ enclosure and have started drilling/dremeling holes in it and fitting the components. Status so far:

The back plate with the components mounted

G1176LN DIY Compressor

I’ve started building a 1176-clone based on Gyraf Audio’s fantastic work.

The PCB is almost entirely populated, and while I’m waiting for a 19″ enclosure, I’m doing what I can.

Will put up a project page in a little while.

Populating the pcb

Soldering pins on one of the circuit breakers

A microphone project

I’ve recently built myself a couple of condenser microphones. Check out the project-page here.