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GSSL Stereo bus-compressor

Last year I built a Gyraf GSSL stereo bus compressor. I've been somewhat lazy regarding the documentation on this project, so I probably won't put up much information, but here's a little something:

The inside of the compressor. Notice the Turbo-pcb on the right side. It really makes a difference!

The front of the compressor. I've hand-dremeled the text on the front panel. It's readable, but I really wish I had a CNC-machine 🙂

The rear of the compressor. Notice the HP-logo. The enclosure is a repurposed KVM-switch.

First test of the compressor. Works really well. It's missing its front plate, so nevermind the ugly looks.

Threading holes for the screws to attach the frontplate


prodigy-pro.net - The 'Meta - SSL Clone posts'. Lots of information and Q/A
gyraf.dk - The allmighty creator


GSSL PCB - Prodigy Pro Board (directly from Gustav)
Components and knobs - ELFA and eBay
19" 1U enclosure - A repurposed HP KVM-switch. Most 1U-enclosures will do. Just be sure it's deep enough. I also used a 1U blind panel as a front panel.
8027 WF 1mA Meter - Hairball Audio
Shielded cable for internal cabling - Clas Ohlson (Pretty lo-fi, but it works like a charm!)

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