Monthly Archives: September 2009

LM Simulator update

I’ve recently worked a bit on the LM-panel. I think I’ll get a simple mockup of panel 1,2 & 3 before I go to the extent of getting full-sized metal panels. After all, the main thing is to get it to work and not just look good. I found the the PoKeys55T that looks like it would do the job better than my current Hagstrom encoder since it can output keyboard macros (and also be an input). We’ll see… the project has just begun, and it’s been some years now. 🙂

Ron Monsen is also working on a new release of Eagle Lander 3D, which is the simulator I plan to control with my panels. I can’t wait. Check out his site for a cool HD-video from the new release: Eagle Lander 3D


I also put up a couple of PDF-files of my CAD-drawing in A0 in case anyone is remotely interested.