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New project – Arduino audio-sampler

I’ve started building an audio-sampler in stompbox-format. The basic idea is to be able to easily play audio-samples on-stage.

Check out the project-page here. There’s not too much information there at the moment, but I’ll update shortly.

Arduino USBKeyboard for Cubase

Another project finished; an Arduino emulating a USB keyboard, sending keyboard shortcuts meant for Steinberg Cubase. Check out the project-page here.

Arduino Thermostat Project

I’ve finished my Arduino Thermostat project. I’ve published the source code now, and pictures and pinouts will come soon.

The main changes in the project is that I decided to use a couple of 74HC595 and 7-segment displays tin combination with a 3-way switch to show the low-threshold temperature, current temperature and high-threshold temperature.