G1176LN Compressor

I’ve built a Gyraf clone of the legendary UREI 1176LN compressor unit. Check out Jakob Erland’s (Gyraf Audio)page for more information here.

Back of the unit. The mockup wooden frontpanel in the background

My first test of the unit after calibration

G1176LN Front


The calibration guides online are differing in quite substantial ways, and I’ve yet to find a specific mnats Rev J-guide, so I made one based on AXT Systems’ guide with some additional comments that I feel are necessary for the mnats rev. J. Download the guide here.


mnats.net – Mako Natsume’s page regarding 1176 building. Great site with info regarding cabling etc.
prodigy-pro.net – The ‘All things G1176 – the new “repost” thread’. Lots of information and Q/A
axtsystems.com – Fantastic G1176LN-build by AXT Systems


mnats Rev J PCBProdigy Pro Board (directly from Mako Natsume)
Components and knobsELFA and eBay
19″ 2U enclosureEvenstad Musikk (ordered a specific 2U enclosure via email)
8037 VU MeterHairball Audio
Shielded cable for internal cablingClas Ohlson (Pretty lo-fi, but it works like a charm!)

  1. have you considered making a dual setting distortion pedal:
    1) solid state
    2) tube like a triple rectifier

    with some knobs for shape? feedback?


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